Last week, four Mayoral candidates spoke about how they would support the take down of all digital billboards in the City.  This included CM Perry, who voted originally for the Krekorian/Reyes motion back in October. Looks like perhaps she has changed her tune. Hopefully she will keep that position going forward. 

Here's the video - the discussion around billboards starts at around 1 Hour, 17 Minutes (1:17) and goes until about 1 Hour, 23 Minutes (1:23).  
Here is a video of CM Krekorian at the Studio City Neighborhood Council meeting a couple nights ago. 

Listen carefully to what CM Krekorian says, and what he doesn't say. 

In response to the audience member, he concedes that he won't add digital billboard language to the current sign ordinance proposal going in front of PLUM on Jan. 22. 

However, he does say that he thinks that he can come up with a solution wherein the City will end up with less digital signs, less intrusive signs, less static signs, and community benefits in return for digital signs. 

This is the same thing he's been saying since October 2012. Even after an adverse, unanimous Court of Appeal decision that revoked all digital billboard permits; even after community outrage and a strong LA Times editorial imploring the City to not pass such legislation; even after negative press that exposed that Clear Channel Outdoor lobbyists wrote the CM Krekorian motion, and that Krekorian's staff had fabricated a softball question from a made-up constituent so that he could have a press platform from which to spread his message - he continues to hang onto the same goal. 

We don't want, nor do we legally deserve, simply "less" digital billboards. The City deserves NO digital billboards. The City Council got us into this mess by entering the illegal settlement agreement and allowing these 100+ digital billboards to be erected; now, thanks to the Court of Appeal decision that revoked all the permits for these illegal digital billboards, the City has the power to remove ALL of these digital billboards.

Dear Councilmember Krekorian: We don't want "less" digital billboards. We want you to TAKE THEM ALL DOWN! 100%. And nothing less.

Here's the video: