The jig is up for the illegal digital billboards in L.A.!!!

Finally, after 6 years of litigation, the digital billboards time has come.  CBS Outdoor and Clear Channel Outdoor had one last chance to reverse the decisions against their illegal digital signs, and that was to have their case reviewed by the CA Supreme Court.  This afternoon, that Court has officially denied review of the case. The case has run its entire course;  it cannot run anymore.  There are no more appeals left. 

No it's time for these illegal digital billboards to come down. The case is officially going back to the jurisdiction of the trial court Judge Green, who will issue the final order invalidating all the permits. Then the City will take action as required by law to see that these digital billboards are dismantled immediately. 

Let's continue to urge our City officials to "take them down" by signing the petition here:

We all know that CBS Outdoor and Clear Channel Outdoor really, really like the money coming from these signs and that they will be very, very angry if they are forced to comply with the law and the courts. We all saw their letters, and we know that they will try anything to keep this racket going. But their claims are frivolous, and the City Attorney's Office today responded with a brilliant, succinct, and correct letter that denied, rejected, and/or disputed each of their contentions. (Copy attached) Legally, everyone knows they're dead in the water, and that it is time to take these digitals down.

CBS and Clear Channel are also pushing for legislation that will protect their wholly illegal signs. Councilmembers Krekorian and Reyes have been the leaders in recent legislative efforts to preserve these signs, even putting forth a motion written by Clear Channel and even fabricating a constituent that supported the motion.  Of course, any effort to preserve these illegal billboards is itself illegal, goes against the City's land use plans, and is a slap in the face of the residents of the City.  That said, our elected officials continue to push, indeed rush, to get some law through that will save these illegal billboards. 

Instead of the City contemplating how to get some revenue from more digitals, the City should be contemplating how to recover the $500,000,000 in revenues that these corporations made from these illegal billboards, while also taking them down. That way we will have zero digital billboards and the money needed for LA's budget!

Now is the time that we have to dig in and have our voices heard by the City. 

PLEASE EMAIL the key councilmembers and let them know that you don't want ANY digital billboard legislation being passed, or even considered, right now until all the ILLEGAL digital billboards have come down. That you want the current "visioning" group and legislative efforts to be postponed until the City cleans up the current digital billboard mess, which they should be able to do within a couple months.  And that you want the City to act NOW, firmly and swiftly, to take them down!

The City officials should also demand a full accounting of all the revenues made from these illegal digital billboards over the last 6 years!!

The key officials that need to be heard on this are:

Councilmember Krekorian:
Councilmember Reyes:
Councilmember Wesson (President of Council):
Mayor Villaraigosa:
City Attorney Trutanich:
Planning Director LoGrande:

Please reach out to them and let your voices be heard now!

And please don't forget to sign the petition here:, and to get a friend or two to sign it as well.
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No Noise
3/2/2013 03:24:24 am

Congratulations on a hard fought win!! You are fighting for our city residents. You are fighting to make our neighborhoods look and feel like a community and not a big box store. Thank you.


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