Attached below is a letter from Summit Media's attorney in the watershed litigation that resulted in the invalidation of the CBS & Clear Channel secret Settlement Agreement as well as the revocation of all the permits issued thereunder. 

After reading this, it should be clear to everyone that it it truly the end of the road for Clear Channel and their illegal digital billboards.  

That said, Clear Channel and CBS continue to try to railroad through some kind of legislation at the City Council that will preserve their golden goose. So it's important that you continue to take action, to contact the councilmembers, the press and to sign the petition here:

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03/07/2013 3:35pm

no digital billboards, please. NONE.

Clifton H. Clark
03/07/2013 11:54pm

The legality of the billboards has already been adjudicated. Send the Police or Sheriff to turn them off, and require they be dismanteled.

Why are the authorities still waiting to do their duty?


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